01 August 2006

Beach Weekend

I finally wore Mike down and we brought Jenna to the beach. We all know how much Mike hates the beach, but I absolutely love it and I won in the end. Now I have tipped the scales since Jenna loves the beach. She had so much fun playing in the sand and even venturing into the water. We just went local to Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. Madison, Jennifer and Mark joined us and Jenna had a great time playing with Madison. Looks like the makings of BFF. :)
We also got Jenna to sleep in her bed. Well it was only for her nap, but that is a big

Jenna sleeping in her bed finally!

Jenna and I playing in the water.

Jenna and Madison checking out the water.


Melissa said...

That looks like soooo much fun! It looks like you all had a great time. The perfect thing to do on a hot day.

Allison said...

awww, looks like a great time and look at that big girl in her own bed!!!