27 February 2010

Michael's First Haircut

It was finally that time to take Michael for his first haircut. He had this curl in the back of the head that reminded you of the 1980's. Mike will only have his haircut by his barber who is located out in Brooklyn. We trekked out to Brooklyn to have Sammy cut Michael's hair. Michael was not thrilled at this and we had to have him sit on Mike's lap. When Sammy started to cut, Michael started to cry. He definitely did not like having his hair cut. Jenna was much better on her first time. Below is the picture of Sammy's first cut of Michael's hair. Can't believe this baby is going to be 2 in April!!!

And here is the big boy minus a few pounds :)

17 February 2010

Sesame Street at MSG

This past weekend, Grandma Gladys and I took the kids to see Sesame Street at MSG Theater in the city. They loved it! Jenna was dancing and singing along with her favorite characters. Michael did well for his first show. He got a little sleepy at one point, but perked back up when the fire engine and train came out. We had a great evening with them. And if you want to know where Mike was, well he was enjoying some peace and quiet without us :)
Valentines Day came and went without much fuss. I'm not a big fan of the holiday, but it is my mother-in-law's birthday - Happy Birthday Gladys! And topping the weekend was having Monday off with the kids. Too bad we got more snow, but I know Spring is just around the corner....

03 February 2010

Kyler's 2nd Birthday

This past weekend we headed out to NJ to celebrate Kyler's 2nd Birthday. Cannot believe she has turned 2 already!!! It seemed like yesterday she just arrived.
Jenna and Michael had a blast playing with Kyler and the other kids at the party. Below are some of the pictures that they actually stood still for.

Happy Birthday Kyler!!!