23 January 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Day was held out our house this year. It was a full house with Grandma Gladys, Great Nanny, Abuela, Uncle Darren, Titi Iliana, George and Marta. We had a great time with everyone.

Great Nanny with Jenna and Michael.
Titi Iliana and Michael

Jenna and Michael

Uncle Darren and Jenna

Uncle Darren and Michael

Christmas Morning 2008

Jenna was so excited that Santa came and left her and Michael presents. She ran out to the living room, then ran back to our bedroom excited that her double stroller was there along with a pile of presents. Michael was excited, but more for the boxes and paper. If he could get it in his mouth, he was happy. Jenna was thrilled with all that Santa brought her. I think she didn't know what to play with first.

Milk and cookies were gone...
Michael playing with all his new toys.

Michael opening a gift.

Jenna opening her gifts.

Christmas Eve 2008

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Teresa's house. It was a full house with the Haag family plus the Simonetti crew. Jenna was very excited to see Brandon and Ethan. Unfortunately they were playing and moving around so much, I didn't get any pictures of them together.

Me showing Mike what would happen if he doesn't listen to me.
Family shot opening the gifts.

Uncle Jason, Michael and Murphy

Jenna opening her gifts.

Mike and Michael