30 June 2008

Jenna's Birthday

Can you believe Jenna is 4???? Mike and I still can't. Jenna got to celebrate her birthday twice. We had cake on Jenna's birthday at Grandma Gladys' house and then had a little party at Grandma Teresa's house the next week. Jenna had a great time at both houses and loved seeing everyone.

Crazy Uncle Darren.

Jenna opening gifts.

Titi Iliana and party boy Michael.

Jenna playing with her Sharpay doll from the Simonetti crew. She is constantly singing into the microphone.

Party boy Michael taking a rest.

Michele, Luke and I enjoying the nice weather.

Jenna and Madison playing ball.

Aunt Susan with all the boys - Luke, Brandon and Ethan.

Bronx Zoo

Last week we headed over to the Bronx Zoo. I haven't been there since I was in grade school. We went with Mark and Madison. Jenna and Madison had a great time seeing all the different animals. Of course Michael slept most of the day away....

Jenna pointing out the ducks and turtles to Madison.

Catepillar Jenna.

Riding the bug carousel.

Michael and I watching the girls on the bug carousel.

Jenna climbing the spider web.

17 June 2008

Justin's Birthday Party

Friday June 13 Jenna and I attended Justin's Birthday party. Justin is from Jenna's class at St Anselms. Jenna was thrilled to see so many of her school friends. The party was at a gym and Jenna loved trying out the different equipment.

Jenna on the small balance beam.

Jenna trying out the big balance beam.

Happy Birthday Justin!

Jenna and Madison during the parachute ride.

Jenna and Madison on the bars.

Jumping up and down.

Pool Pictures

Since the heat has moved in, we got a small pool to go on the balcony for Jenna. Madison and Jenna had a blast last week playing in. Michael wasn't lucky enough to join the two of them in the pool, but he loved hanging outside with us.

Michael in his sun hat.

Me enjoying the nice weather on the balcony.

Jenna and Madison in the pool.

Coney Island

Last Wednesday, Michele and I took Jenna, Luke and Michael to Coney Island for the day. We took the kids to Nathans for lunch then over to the kiddie rides for some fun. We were able to take Luke on the Carousel and the Train ride and he loved them both. Jenna had so many rides to chose from, she didn't know which way to go. Of course Michael slept the entire time. I'm sure next year he will be very eager to join these two on the rides.

Michael sleeping the day away.

Jenna on the boats.

Jenna on her favorite purple whale.

Riding the Red Baron Airplane.

Jenna and Luke with Michele on the Carousel.

Jenna told us she wanted to go on this, but I think we may wait a bit....

09 June 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures from the past week. Last weekend was the 5th Avenue Festival here in Bayridge. We walked around with Jen, Mark and Madison and of course the girls couldn't resist the bouncing tent. Michael is getting bigger each day and also started smiling and laughing. I can't believe he is 6 weeks already and that my baby is turning 4 this weekend! Time is just flying right by.

Someone loves his Grandmas!

Love that smile!

The girls enjoying the picture more than Michael

Playing at the fair


Caught her in mid-air

Meet Michael George

Michael finally got to meet our family and friends out on Long Island last weekend. We were so happy to see everyone, since it had been a while. We gathered at Grandma Teresa's house and Jenna was overly excited to see her cousins Brandon and Ethan. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are those I did get.

Michele and Luke

Jenna with Brandon and Ethan
Elena and Michael

Michael with Meredith and Jimmy

Linda, Rick and Michael

Proud parents with our butterball

Jenna's Pre-School Graduation

Can you believe school is already over? Friday May 30 was Jenna's last day of Pre-school at St. Anselms. They had a graduation celebration for family and friends. We are very sad to see the end of the school year since Jenna loved school. She had a great year and learned a lot, such as how to write her letters, numbers and even how to write and spell her name. She made a lot of new friends and is very excited to move up to Pre-K.

Jenna and her teacher Mrs. Dunleavy

Jenna and Madison

Mrs. Dunleavy's class

Getting her diploma

Jenna, Madison, Jonathan and Gabrielle