28 July 2008

3 Months Old

Can you believe Michael is 3 months already? It feels like time has flown right by. We took Michael for his 3 month doctor visit and was told that he is 13 pounds and 4 ounces. He is such a big boy!! Also an amazing thing too, his bottom two teeth are coming in! Dr. Jebran couldn't believe it, but the little whites are peeking through his gums. He will be ready for steak soon as Great Nanny says. He is doing great, interacting more and more with Jenna. He even looks for her when she enters the rooms or hears her voice. I think Jenna is enjoying him more because he reacts to things she does now.

Michael with Giggles the Monkey. He tastes great!

Are you talking to me???

Yes Mama, I love my jumper!

Ok, enough pictures, I'm trying to relax out here.

22 July 2008

Madison's Birthday

July 17th was Madison's 4th Birthday and to celebrate she had a party this past Saturday at the Little Gym in Bensonhurst. Jenna was so excited to go to the party to see all her friends from St Anselms. She had a great time on the gym equipment and playing games. And of course her favorite part was getting to eat her "Little Cupcake" - Mike and I were just as excited for that too.

Jenna sitting pretty with her party hat on.

Birthday girl Madison!

I think Michael was mad he couldn't go and have fun with the other kids.

Jenna on the balance beam by herself.

Big jump!

20 July 2008

Splish Splash

Last Sunday we headed out to Riverhead to Splish Splash waterpark with Jen, Mark, Madison and Mandy. We had a blast riding the water rides all day. Jen and Mark got us a cabana so Jen and Michael were able to relax since they weren't allowed on any water rides. Jenna even put her face underwater, a first for her. Afterwards we hit a winery for some adult fun and the went to Harbes Farm for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Madison and Jenna playing in the sand at the cabana.

Everyone hanging out at the cabana.

Michael drying off after checking out the kiddie pool.

Laughing at Mike.

Someone was getting tired....

Adult fun at the winery.

The girls driving the fire truck at Harbes Farm.

14 July 2008

Jonathan's 4th Birthday

Saturday Jenna went to one of her classmates birthday party. Jonathan turned 4 and had his party at the Painted Pot. The kids celebrated Jonathan's birthday by painting ceramics, eating pizza and of course enjoying cake. Jenna chose to paint a cat. Can't wait to see how the final product comes out. We get to pick it up Tuesday.

Jenna looking very seriouse while painting her cat.

Her cat.

Madison helping Jenna clean her hands.

Michael spent the day with Mike visiting Great Nanny and Grandma Gladys.

Look how big he is getting! Can you believe he is 12 weeks already!

Day with Aunt Shel and Luke

Last Friday Jenna, Michael and I treked over the bridge into Staten Island to visit with Michele and Luke. We took the kids over to the Staten Island carousel. Jenna and Luke loved it and I even took Michael on too. He loved going around and around and the second time we went on it, he fell asleep! After playing around at the park and checking out the ducks in the pond, we headed to the Sere house for some fun in the sprinklers. Richie came home and I think he was sorry he did. Jenna and Luke got him good with the Fire Fighter hose on the sprinkler. Michael and Jenna were tuckered out and asleep before getting on the bridge back to Brooklyn.

Michele and Luke on the carousel.

Luke on the slide.

Look who is walking!!

Michael on his first carousel ride.

Jenna loving the carousel.

Luke and Jenna spraying Richie with the hose.

Playing around in the sprinkler.

07 July 2008

White House BBQ

Saturday we headed to over to Allison and Spencer's house for a BBQ. Jenna had a blast playing with Kaitlyn. They played in the pool, on the slide and in the bouncing square. The night ended with a Battle of the Sexes and sad to say the boys won this round. But they didn't win by much - we were one pawn behind them. Not our fault all their questions were easy :)

Katie playing in her pool.

Jenna jumping on the bouncey with Katie right behind her.

Darren enjoying a watermelon martini.

Micheal showing his patriotic side.

I think Martin is enjoying his drink a little too much.

Katie reading a story to Mike.

Jenna hanging out in the pool.

Random Summer Pictures

Being home during the summer is a lot of fun. I've been out and about with both kids. We have been having a great time. I took Michael on his first subway ride. We rode into the city, surprised Grandma Gladys at work, then headed over to my job for a visit. After our visit, we walked to Bryant Park for a spin on the carousel. We have also hit a few parks in the last week. Jenna enjoyed the sprinklers and playing at the playground. Can't believe it is July already!!

Jenna checking out the sprinklers with Mike.

Beautiful sunset over 79th Street Park. Senator Marty Golden holds concerts at parks in Brooklyn and this night was a tribute to Billy Joel.

This is the first time I put Michael in the high chair. I thought he might like it since he loves to eat and I was right - look at that face!

Jenna riding the carousel in Bryant Park.

Sitting in front of a fountain in the city.