23 November 2008

Colin's Christening

Last weekend we celebrated Colin's Christening. He looked adorable in his outfit made by his Grandma. I can say he did not like the water being poured on his head. After the celebration, we headed over to Sofias for dinner. We had a very nice evening with family and friends.

Colin after the water was poured on his head.

Mark and Jennifer with Colins Godparents.

Jenna, Madison and Michael at Sofias.

After the party - I couldn't have gotten a better picture. It is funny they were both puckering their lips.

Guess who is finally sitting up by himself???

He loves sitting up and playing on the mat. He is even trying to crawl already!!

18 November 2008

Al and Erika's Baby Shower

Saturday November 8 was Al and Erika's baby shower. Soon that baby girl will be making her entrance! It was great to see them and also to see Martin, Zaida and Ed too. Below are some pictures from the party.

Erika, Al, Mike, Martin and Ed
Happy Family!

Ed and Michael

Jenna, Mike and Michael

03 November 2008

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures of the kids.

Michael with his spoon. He loves feeding time.

He looks like he is lecturing me on trying to take away his food and spoon.

Big smile!

Jenna and Michael

Michele and Luke had come over for dinner one night and I caught Jenna and Luke together. It looks like she is explaining something to him and he is listening intently.

NYC Marathon

Sunday was the NYC Marathon. It is a huge deal for Bayridge, Brooklyn since we are the first area that the race runs through. It was a very exciting year because Mark was running this year. He has been training for this for months. We watched the runners with Jennifer, Madison and Colin. Also one of my co-workers, Brian was running and we got to see him too.

Michael sleeping.
Jennifer and Madison.

Go Brian Go!

Beginning of the race.

Yeah Mark!

Go Mark Go!



Jenna was very excited about Halloween this year. We were going trick-or-treating then heading down to Owls Head Park for the Halloween Festival. We were also excited since this was Michael's first Halloween. He had a lot of fun watching the girls get their candy and you know he will be running with them next year. Jenna was a witch for school and Cinderella for trick-or-treating while Michael was her pumpkin.

Jenna and Madison trick-or-treating.

Walking with their daddies and brothers.

Jenna and Michael.

Jenna and Zachary at school.

Jenna the witch.