25 February 2009

St Anselm Bowl-A-Thon

St Anselms held a bowl-a-thon to raise money for the Church and School. We shared a lane with Jen, Mark, Madison and Colin. Technically the only ones bowling was the adults, but we let the girls help out with a couple of frames. The babies were good sports since were were there almost 3 hours. I'm happy to report that I beat Mike each game we played - sorry Mike! And to top it all off, I was the highest Female bowler for the day. They gave out the trophies at the 5pm mass on Valentine's Day. I have it displayed proudly on the top of the tv :)

Jenna and Madison - first time bowling.
Me and Michael.

Mike and Jenna.
Me and my trophy!!!

Visiting the Sere Family

The Rivera Family headed over to Staten Island for dinner and Christmas present exchange (I know it's late) one evening. Jenna had a blast playing with Luke and playing with all his toys. Michael was excited to get down and crawl around and pull up on whatever he could get to. It was a fun night with the kids, great pizza and delicious cupcakes :)

Jenna and Luke amazed at something.

Can you believe how big he is? He is going to be 2 March 14. Where did the time go???

Rich relaxing with Luke and Michael.

Michael on his bull from the Sere Crew. He loves it!

Michele, Michael and I.

Jenna and Luke.

09 February 2009

SuperBowl Sunday 2009

This year, Darren and Iliana hosted the Superbowl Party. It was a lot of great food and great company. I'm sad that Arizona did not win, I think the Ref's stunk, but it was still a pretty good game. I'm also sad that we didn't win any boxes we played, but Mom Haag won. Of course the person not watching the Superbowl would win.
Everyone had a great time - thanks Darren and Iliana!

Everyone haning out watching the game.
Uncle Darren and Jenna.

Mike, Martin and Michael - I think Martin is looking at Mike funny because of the Jets jersey - sorry Mike the Jets didn't make it this year...

The Rivera Brothers.

Michael and Colin.

04 February 2009

Catholic School Week 2009

January 25 kicked off the annual Catholic Schools Week. St Anselm started their week off with the Talent Show Breakfast that Sunday after mass. The week was filled with different activities including open house for the parents, Gym days, parent and student apprecation days too. We took the kids to the Talent Show Breakfast and Mike and Michael were able to attend Gym day. Jenna did so well at Gym day - running relays and kicking the soccer ball. She was so excited to have Mike and Michael there to watch her. Her teacher also had the class do a project all about me. It was to include her favorite people and things. We printed out pictures of her family and friends and searched the internet for her favorite things. I helped her with the glue, but she put the pictures on the poster board where she wanted. She was so proud of her project and was so excited to bring it to school to show her teacher and her classmates. We are so proud of her for doing such a great job.

Jenna with her project.

Jenna, Madison, Jonathan, Jen and Colin at the Talent Show.

Mike and Michael at the Talent Show.

Jenna running the relay at Gym Day.

Getting ready to kick the soccer ball.

Jenna and her class with her Gym Teacher.

The two hams with Michael.

Our Cruise - January 2009

This year for our Christmas gift to each other, we decided to take a short cruise to the Bahamas. With the help of Grandma Gladys watching the kids (THANK YOU), Mike and I were able to enjoy a few days of adult time. Joining us on our cruise was Martin and Zaida and Mark and Jennifer. It was a rough start to the trip since snow was predicted the morning we were leaving and Delta canceled our flight down to Jacksonville. Mike and I jumped in the van and drove all night to get down to Florida. It was a long drive, but we made the best of it. I was so excited to finally get on the ship. A drink was just what I needed! We stopped at Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas and had one day at sea. Freeport we headed over to Port Lucaya to shop and check out the beach and in Nassau we shopped, went to the beach at the Atlantis and visited the Pirate Museum. Our day at sea was filled with fun, playing mini-golf, vollyball, relaxing in the hot tub and just laying out, soaking in the sun and resting up. Monday once we got off the ship, we prepared ourselves for the long drive back to NY and the cold. We stopped at South of the Border and my favorite, Cracker Barrel! It was late when we made it back, but we were so happy to see Jenna and Michael. As nice as it was to be away, we missed them both very much. And they missed us too, even though they had a great weekend with Grandma Gladys and Abuelita.

Below are just a few of the pictures from the trip.

We finally made it!! Sitting through the required drill.

Leaving Jacksonville.

The view from our room.

Our Lucaya Beach in Freeport.

Beach at the Atlantis in Paradise Island.

Getting off the ship in Nassau.

Me booting Mike overboard at the Pirate Museum in Nassau.

This is what happens when you make a Pirate mad. :)