22 February 2011

So much to say!

There is just so much that has happened from the fall until now. I'm not even going to try and backtrack! I'll post some pictures below of the kids on what they have been doing.
Christmas was a lot of fun - the kids had a great time and we celebrated with our families. Jenna enjoyed having Christmas break off from school, but was excited when it was time to head back. We were clobbered a few times with big snow storms. It's a good thing the Groundhog says Spring is coming soon - I'm sick of the snow!
Jenna has been busy with school, dancing and birthday parties. Michael has been moved to the 3 year old room and is enjoying playing with the big kids. Both are getting so big!!
Enjoy the pictures below and I will try and keep the blog updated more frequent!

Christmas Morning

The kids excited that Santa came!

Our nephew Ryan's first Christmas

The big snowstorm after Christmas

The big snowstorm after Christmas

Jenna ice skating at the Rinx.

Mike and the kids at the Toys R Us store in Times Square

We rode the ferris wheel in Times Square - and to Michael's delight, we got the firetruck!

A day at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

Meet the newest member of our family - Drake Michael Sere born January 9 :)

Jenna and her boys

Supberbowl Sunday 2011 - Mike and Michael representing the Jets

Superbowl Sunday 2011 - Me and Jenna representing the Dolphins

Mike and Jenna getting ready for the Father/Daughter Dance

Enjoying a night together at the Father/Daughter Dance

02 November 2010

Pumpkin Picking

This year Mike and I took the kids Pumpkin Picking on Columbus Day. We thought it would be perfect since school was closed for Jenna and daycare was closed for Michael. What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and it was warm, but still had the hint of fall in the air.

We headed out to the South Fork this year, to Southampton. I haven't been out that way in a while, my old college stomping grounds. We hit the big pumpkin farm and apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was packed! The kids had a lot of fun playing and picking out our pumpkins.

After a quick lunch, we walked around Southampton Town to window shop - only shopping I can afford out that way! Then we took the kids down to the beach. Again, not a cloud in the sky - it was so beautiful!

Heading home, we cut across to Riverhead so the kids could see the famous big Duck in Flanders. Jenna was amazed. The gift shop in the duck was open, so we got to browse around a bit. The kids were exhausted when we came home, but they really had a great day. Check out the pictures below.

Jenna and the big Duck in Flanders

Walking around Southampton.

We hit up a veggie stand on the way back.

Michael and his pumpkin

Everyone spread out and find a good pumpkin!

My 2 favorite sunflowers

Riding the cow

Riding the bus

1st Grade

So hard to believe Jenna started 1st Grade this year! She was very excited to be heading back to school to see all her friends. Many of the kids from her kindergarten class are in her 1st grade class. The first day of school was a beautiful day! What a way to start the school year. Michael and I walked Jenna up to the busstop and she was so excited to go. Even more excited that she didn't have to sit in the first seat of the bus since she is a big girl.

Out the door and ready to go.

Brother/sister shot

Getting on the bus.

15 September 2010

Trip to the happiest place on Earth...

Well at least for the kids :) Though I enjoy going back each time!

This August we drove (yes drove!) down to DisneyWorld for a week of fun. My cousins and Aunt/Uncle met us there and we had a blast! The drive down to Florida was not so bad - though if you hear Mike tell it, it sounds terrible!! The kids were behaved about 90% of the time and honestly that's pretty good considering they were stuck in their car seats the entire way! We made plenty of stops along the way, including one to South of the Border. It was a much needed break from being in the car.

We made it to Disney late in the evening, so we all got a good night's rest and hit the ground running the next morning. We started with Epcot, visited all the countries and checked out some attractions before meeting up with the family for dinner at Universal Citywalk. The kids were so excited to see each other and were glued to each other for the entire trip. We hit Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and it wouldn't be a Disney trip without some park hopping in the evenings :)

The last day came and everyone was sad to leave each other. It was such an enjoyable week together, that we didn't want to see it end. But unfortunately we had to head back to work and school was starting the next week. Plus I'm sure both Grandma's were missing their grandkids! The ride home wasn't too bad and Mike and I pushed straight through with no overnight stop. It was much easier to drive through the night with the kids sleeping then during the day with them wide awake and getting antsy in their seats.

We were all happy to be home, but sad to leave the Haag/Wolk family behind. Until our next visit/trip - love and miss you guys!

Of course I took way too many pictures, but here is a sampling of our vacation!

Heading out on our journey!

Stop at South of the Border

England in Epcot

The kids at City Walk

Michael and Krista

Rivera Family after dinner at the Swan

Kids at Finding Nemo in Epcot

Michael with Sleeping Beauty - he LOVED the princesses!

Jenna and Sleeping Beauty

Michael's first roller coaster ride

Sticking the dads with all the kids

02 September 2010

What happened to summer?

I can't believe as I'm writing this that today is September 2! Where did the summer go? I feel like Jenna just got out of school and we had the entire summer ahead of us. We had a jammed pack summer. To fill up Jenna's summer, she attended camp at Michael's day care and she made some new friends. We filled up our days with bbqs, birthday parties and beach days.

Below are some pictures of our fun filled summer.

Train at Southaven Park

Simonetti Block Party

Madison & Colin Birthday Party

Sayville Beach

Jonathan's Birthday Party

Hidden Pond Park Pool

Holtsville Ecology Site

Coney Island

Jersey Shore

09 August 2010

Neverending birthday....

June 14, 2004 - a day I'll never forget. It was the day the hospital finally admittied me (after 2 tries before!) to have my baby girl. 554pm my baby girl entered the world and my world was changed forever. It's hard to believe it's been 6 years already. It seems like yesterday she was a baby and today she is this little girl. Our little girl had a great year in Kindergarden - grades were fantastic and she was promoted to first grade. It was a very eventful year for her - moving to Long Island, taking dance classes, riding the school bus by herslef and being in kindergarden.

This year for her birthday, it seemed like it was never ending! It was hard to get the family together for one day, so we celebrated a few times! Below are pictures from each celebration. Thank you all that celebrated!

Cake #1 with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Cake #2 with Grandma Gladys, Aunt Susan and Uncle Thomas

Cake #3 with Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jason

Cake #4 with Great Nanny, Titi Iliana, Uncle Darren and Ryan

Cake #5 with the cousins at Adventureland