25 July 2006

Relaxing Weekend

So nice to finally have a relaxing weekend. Nothing to do, just hanging around at home. Jenna had a sleepover at Grandma Gladys' house and had a great visit with Abuela. She is up visiting from Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks. Of course Jenna also loved visiting Rudy, Grandma's dog. I bet Rudy was happy to see Jenna go on Sunday...
With Jenna having her sleepover, Mike and I were able to go and see Andrew's girlfriend - Natalie Joy Johnson perform Saturday night. She is AMAZING!!! If anyone here in the NYC area wants to see her, she has another show Monday July 31 at 8pm. Definitely worth going to see. Contact me for details if anyone is interested.

Here are some pictures from her visit at Grandmas.

Rudy taking a rest from Jenna.

Jenna very excited to get her picture taken.

Can you believe how tall she has gotten???

Playing at the park by Grandma's house.

17 July 2006

3 Day Weekend

Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. On Friday Mike, Jenna and I took the day off to spend with my family in the city. My cousin Laura had been up for the week dancing with the Broadway Dance Center and Friday was her performance. Mom came in by train to meet up with us for the performance. After the performance, since everyone knows Jenna would not have sat still for the show, Mike and Jenna met up with us for dinner in Little Italy. It was so great to see Annette, Donna and Laura. Now if we could convince them to move back to New York......
Saturday we all went to Millie and Carlos' baby shower. Unfortunately my camera died, again, so I have no pictures. But we had a great time seeing everyone - Darren, Iliana, Allison, Spencer, Kaitlyn and Karla. Sunday was so hot, we just hung around. Cold Stone was calling our name, so we met up with the Madison, Jennifer and Mark just back from their long vacation. Welcome back and happy birthday Madison!

Jenna and Laura in Little Italy.

Jenna riding Clifford at the Scholastic Store

Here we are waiting for the subway.

She sleeps finally. Her subway ride home.

I'm so happy Madison came home.

10 July 2006

Is it Monday already???

These weekends go way too fast!!! Jenna and I headed out to Long Island to visit Grandma, Uncle Jason and new family member Murphy. Jenna got in some playtime with Murphy before we headed over to spend the afternoon with our friend Sue. Sunday was a lazy day since it was so hot. We had Jenna in her little pool to cool off. I even let her do some painting. But I think she painted herself more than the paper. And finally a first - Jenna took her nap in her own bed!!!

Here is the newest member of the Haag Family - Murphy! Jason just got little Murphy about 2 weeks ago. He is a Maltese and only weighs about 2 pounds.

Hey Uncle Jason, I know how to let Murphy out of his cage....

Don't let my mom fool you - she is in love with Murphy. For someone that was so against getting a dog, we can see how spoiled he is going to be.

Here's Jenna cooling off Sunday in her little pool.

03 July 2006


Ok, so we have been saying this for the past year and a half, but it is finally done. We got Jenna's ears pierced on Saturday morning. Jenna was a trooper. She cried like she normally does when we visit Dr. Jebran and only a yelp when he actually pierced each ear. We had a packed weekend, as usual per Mike. We met up with Michele and Richie for dinner Saturday night and we had Linda's surprise bridal shower Sunday. I don't have many pictures since my camera up and died. Mike says it's because I take too many pictures....

Here is the princess sleeping. You can see her little earrings.

We got Jenna a little table and chairs. Here she is helping me put the chairs together.

Here is another shot of her earrings.

Here we are enjoying Linda's Bridal Shower.