22 October 2007

Pumpkin Picking

We took advantage of the beautiful weather that rolled through and took Jenna pumpkin picking out on the East End of LI at Harbes Farm. Grandma, Uncle Jason, Kristin and I had a great time with Jenna picking her pumpkins. Unfortunately Mike is still stuck with his crutches, so he missed out on all the fun. But as many of you already know, we had another Rivera with us that day. For those who do not know, are family is getting larger. We are thrilled to announce we are expecting a baby and the newest member of the family should be showing their face May 4. Jenna is very excited that she is going to be a big sister. We'll see how long that lasts.
Enjoy the pictures below. We really did have a great day.

Jenna playing on the tractor wagon.

Of course the princess can't walk to get her pumpkins. Uncle Jason had to pull her in the wagon.

She picked this one all by herself.

Me and my girl

Jenna with Kristin and Uncle Jason

01 October 2007

Ragamuffin Parade

I think I'm all caught up now.
Here are some pictures from the Bayridge Ragamuffin Parade. They host a parade every year and have all the children dress up in their Halloween costumes. It was tons of fun this year since Aunt Susan and Uncle Thomas were able to bring out Brandon and Ethan to march with Jenna. Jenna was so excited to see her "Spiderman" cousins! It was such a perfect day.

Jenna trying to grab a hug.

The 2 Spidermans and Tinkerbelle.

I thought this picture was adorable.


Quick Florida Trip

Mom, Jenna and I headed down to Florida for a quick visit with Grandma and Grandpa for a weekend. We had a great time with them. I think Jenna entertained both Grandma and Grandpa the entire time. We hit Downtown Disney when we arrived for some shopping and lunch. Jenna had a great time posing with her favorite characters.

Jenna and a Mickey Hat.

Buzz Light Year to the rescue!

No trip is complete without a kiss to Minnie Mouse.

Can you believe this is 4 generations?

Jenna having fun with her Great-Grandparents.

First Day of School

Jenna's first day at St. Anselms. She is doing amazing and loves her new teach Mrs. Dunleavy.

Jenna and Madison waiting to go in.

Jenna and Dylan posing for the camera.

My big girl with her backpack waiting to be let in.

Did September really pass by??????

So it's October 1 already. Where did all the time go????
In case you didn't know, Mike had gotten hurt on September 9 playing Softball. Sliding into 2nd base, he ended up breaking his ankle. He was in the hospital for a week and had to have surgery. So it has been a longggggg September.

Here are some pictures to try and catch everyone up!

The day before Mike got hurt, we spent the day out in New Jersey with our friends Scott, Sonya, Joey and Olivia. They had a BBQ at their new home. Here is the old Tutor Time crew.

Jenna playing in Joey and Olivia's playroom.