30 July 2007

Pompeii Pictures

Pictures from Pompeii

Museum of Natural History

Anticipating some rainy weather this weekend, we headed over to the Museum of Natural History. Madison and Jenna had a great time seeing the animals, dinosaurs and of course the big blue whale. It was fun to see them interacting and checking out the exhibits.
Sunday the rain finally came but we spent a great afternoon with Grandma Gladys.
Below are some pictures from the museum.

The BFF's taking a break.

Hanging out with the dinosaurs.

My diva posing for the camera.

Checking out the penguins.

Cool tomb from Mexico.

27 July 2007

Pictures from the trip down the Amalfi Coast

Here are some great views from our drive down the Amalfi Coast.

25 July 2007

Pictures of Palermo, Sicily

Here are some pictures from Palermo.

Beautiful coastline of Palermo.

Marionettes from the museum.

Marionette Theatre.

Palermo Opera House - for the Godfather fans, this is the Opera House from the Godfather III.

Mondello Beach.

View from the boat of Palermo.

Great Summer Weekend

What a great summer weekend. Weather was perfect! Much better than all the rain that we had been getting. July 17 was Madison's 3rd birthday and her birthday party was Saturday at the Prospect Park Zoo. Jenna has such a great time with her Tutor Time friends and also had a blast with all the animals. Sunday we decided to enjoy the good weather outside at Coney Island. Jenna and Madison had a grand time riding the rides. They both loved being on all the rides as you will see in the pictures below.

Happy 3rd Birthday Madison!

Jenna and Mike feeding the Llama.

I love this picture of Madison. She looked surprised that the goats were eating the food oof her plate.

Jenna and Mike in the barn

The Tutor Time crew making silly faces at Mike.

Riding the carousel at Prospect Park.

Train ride at Coney Island.

Riding the airplane ride at Coney Island.

19 July 2007

Trip Pictures - Barcelona

Below are some pictures from Barcelona.

View from our hotel pool.

Square at the top of Las Ramblas.

Jenna at the Olympic Village.

Mike and I at the Olympic Village.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

View from the top of La Sagrada Familia. I had to take an elevator halfway up and narrow stairs to the top. View was worth the walk up and having to walk back down via the steps.

17 July 2007

It's been a while......

So we are back from the trip. I will try and post some pictures soon. I have almost 600 pictures from the trip to sort through. The Disney cruise was amazing and I absolutely loved Europe. Italy was my favorite, but I knew it would be. Jenna had a great time. She loved being on the boat with all her Disney Characters. She swam, ate and played the entire 2 weeks we were gone. She did miss Madison very much and was very glad to see her when we returned. Of course the big celebration on the boat was Jenna's birthday. Can you believe she is 3 years old??? Mike and I can't. She is growing up way too fast. These past couple of weeks we enjoyed a small birthday celebration with the family for Jenna, babysitting the ever growing Luke and Luke's Christening. Below are some pictures from each event. Enjoy!
Madison helping Jenna open her birthday gifts.
My big girl blowing out her candles.
Visiting with Brandon and Ethan.

Jenna keeping an eye on Luke.
He has gotten so big! I can't believe he is 4 months already.
Celebrating Luke's Christening. The happy parents and grandparents.