28 August 2008

Central Park Picnic

Last Sunday we headed over to Central Park for a picnic. All the guys got together since Father Martin was in town. It was great seeing him and spending the day with everyone.

Uncle Darren pitching to Jenna

Grandma Gladys and Michael

Jenna eating Grandma's rice and beans

Rivera Family

Darren, Martin, Spencer, Ed, Mike and Father Martin

Michael staring at Katie and her pretzel stick

24 August 2008

Samantha, Sonia and Sabrina's 4th Birthday!

I caught her in action.
Justin, Madison and Jenna

Jenna crawling along on the slip and slide.

Mike and Michael

Happy 4th Birthday girls!!

Saturday was the triplets 4th Birthday Party. It was a block party complete with a huge slip and slide. Jenna was excited to see her school friends and had a blast playing with them. It took a while on the slip and slide. She didn't quite grasp the concept of running then sliding. She was happing hopping along and just getting wet. She had a blast riding bikes, scooters and cars. Baby Michael and Baby Colin made their appearances. Colin slept most of the time, while Michael watched all the kids play. Next year Michael, next year.

Grandma Teresa's House

Grandma Teresa has been watching Jenna and Michael on Thursdays and Fridays while I head into the city to work. Last week we took the kids to the Holbrook Carnival where Jenna had a blast. She rode many rides, even a couple with me. Michael was amazed by all the lights - don't worry Michael, next year you can ride with Jenna. With the weather being so nice, Grandma and Jenna have been playing with the sidewalk chalk. They decorated Grandma's driveway with many pictures. Too bad the sprinklers washed them away. There's always next week!
Hard to believe Michael is now 4 months old. His tooth is finally popping through his gum. Should be here any day now. He has been very vocal and loves to interact with Jenna. I think he is going to miss her when she goes back to school.

Jenna riding the boats at the Carnival.

Happy to be on the carousel.

Drawing with the chalk.

Big Boy!

He is so big!!

13 August 2008

Some random shots

Hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close. Jenna will be getting ready to start school soon. Here are some pictures of the kids playing, hanging out at the park and home.

Being amused by Jenna.

Starting to roll over. He almost has it!

Jenna getting some help from Madison at the park.

Jenna and Oscar checking out a caterpillar at the park.

Trying peas for the first time.

Our big boy!

11 August 2008

Brooklyn Aquarium

Jenna and I took Michael for his first visit to the Brooklyn Aquarium. He had such a great time. He loved being in his stroller, not in his car seat. He can see so much more sitting up. I think Jenna entertained him more than the fish. Jenna loved seeing all the fish. Her favorite exhibit was the Shark tank. We had to go back and see them before we left.

Jenna checking out the sharks.

Jenna on the walrus.

Michael eating his fists, trying to sooth those incoming teeth.

The Shark Tank.

Michael listening to the guide speak about the sharks. It was easy to catch his attention since the guide had a stuffed shark and was playing with Michael.

Michael's Christening

Last Sunday we had Michael Christened at St Anselms Church. It was a small celebration with our family. Michael was so good and didn't cry when Father Kull poured the water on his head. It was a very special day and we thank our family for sharing it with us.

Uncle Jason, Grandma Teresa, Mike, me and Michael

Grandma Gladys, Titi Iliana, Great Nanny, Uncle Darren, Mike and Michael

Me with the godparents

Me with Michael in front of his cake. I think he was mad that he wasn't getting a piece.

Michele and I with our kids