24 August 2008

Grandma Teresa's House

Grandma Teresa has been watching Jenna and Michael on Thursdays and Fridays while I head into the city to work. Last week we took the kids to the Holbrook Carnival where Jenna had a blast. She rode many rides, even a couple with me. Michael was amazed by all the lights - don't worry Michael, next year you can ride with Jenna. With the weather being so nice, Grandma and Jenna have been playing with the sidewalk chalk. They decorated Grandma's driveway with many pictures. Too bad the sprinklers washed them away. There's always next week!
Hard to believe Michael is now 4 months old. His tooth is finally popping through his gum. Should be here any day now. He has been very vocal and loves to interact with Jenna. I think he is going to miss her when she goes back to school.

Jenna riding the boats at the Carnival.

Happy to be on the carousel.

Drawing with the chalk.

Big Boy!

He is so big!!

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