30 January 2008

Catholic School Week 2008

Sunday January 27 kicked off Catholic School Week at St Anselm. After the 10am mass Sunday, we headed over to the school for some breakfast and to watch the talent show. Both Jenna and Madison were very excited to watch the older kids sing, dance and play their instruments. I think Jenna's favorite was each time one of the acts did a song from High School Musical. I know Madison's favorite was the girl that sang a song from the Little Mermaid.
Monday was the Beginning Scholar's Gym Day. Parents were allowed to come and watch their children participate in gym activities. They started with a bean bag running race. Jenna did great. She ran back and forth like a pro. They then had them kick the soccer ball through the goal and Jenna kicked it dead on. Next was the basketball hoop. She tried hard and was very close to getting it in. Last thing they did for us was a hopping race. It looked more like a skipping race, but she did great. It was a lot of fun for me to see what she has been learning in her gym class.

Mike and Jenna enjoying breakfast while watching the talent show.

Look at these faces!

Mrs. Dunleavy's class waiting for the bean bag race to start.

Jenna running with the bean bag.

Waiting for her turn at the basketball hoop.

So close!

20 January 2008


This year Mike and I decided to forgo Christmas gifts to each other and take an adults only vacation. We decided on Cozumel, Mexico since it was a port we had hit a couple times and loved. Jenna spent the long weekend with Grandma Gladys and Rudy. She had a great time playing with them and her cousin Amanda came over for a sleepover. Mike and I had a great time. Weather was in the 80's every day. It was the perfect vacation for us both to relax before Baby Michael comes along. As much fun as we had, we really missed Jenna. She was so excited to see us when we picked her up. I told Mike that she looked bigger than when we left her.

View from our balcony.

Visiting San Gervasio Ruins.

Dressing up for our formal dinner.

Enjoying an evening out.

Getting so much needed rest and relaxation.

Mike getting in on the resting action.

19 January 2008

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! New Years Eve we spent a great evening at Jen, Mark & Madison's house. The girls had loads of fun opening their gifts and they even made it past midnight. Mark and Mike enjoyed some Champagne, while Jen and I tried some non-alcoholic champagne. Our first day in the New Year was great - Jenna let us all sleep until 11am! Unheard of in our house.
The weekend after, we had Michele, Richie, Luke, Allison, Spencer, Kaitlyn, Darren and & Iliana over for dinner. The girls had a lot of fun playing together and little Lukie is getting so big. It was great to catch up with all.

Jenna and Madison opening their gifts.

Jenna playing with her new toys.

Jenna opening gifts from Aunt Shel, Uncle Richie and Luke.

Luke catching a nap on Mike.

Kaitlyn knocking back some milk.

Luke trying to figure out how to open his gift.