21 February 2007

Weekend full of parties!

Saturday was Michele's baby shower. Her and Rich got such cute things for the baby. Can't wait until Luke Richard makes his appearance next month. Sunday Jenna had Oscar's Birthday Party. She had a great time with all her Tutor Time friends.
Jenna rocking on the dalmatian Uncle Leo made for Michele and Richie

Me and mama-to-be
Jenna in the coat Michele gave her for Christmas. Still a little big, but she still looks like a doll.
Jenna with Zachary at Oscar's party
Our big girl
Happy Birthday Oscar!

07 February 2007

SuperBowl 2007

It's been a while since our last post. Nothing new going on here. Just in the middle of a deep freeze here in NY. We had friends over for the SuperBowl. Go Colts :) - sorry Jen about the Chicago loss....

Here are some pictures from our evening.

Everyone enjoying the game.

Spencer giving Mike a special kiss with Kaitlyn looking on at her crazy dad.

The White Family - can't believe how big Kaitlyn has gotten.

Madison trying to do Jenna's hair.

All that excitement has Jenna knocked out!

Jenna looking like hot stuff over the weekend.