29 August 2006

Another rainy weekend

Another rainy weekend. I think the fall weather has started to set in. We started the weekend off with a visit to the park Friday night with Faith and Dylan. It was the only patch of clear weather all weekend. Saturday we attended a birthday party for one of the boys from Tutor Time. It was Jonathan's 2nd Birthday and he had the party at a great place called Little People Parties in Bayridge, Brooklyn. There were activities for the kids and even a special guest - Elmo! Jenna enjoyed the evening with all her Tutor Time Friends. Sunday, Jenna and Mike spent some time with Grandma Gladys, Abuela and Great Nanny while I ventured out in the rain to LI for Linda's bridal hair trial. I can't believe her wedding is in less than a month!! It feels like yesterday her and Rick got engaged!

Jenna, Faith and Dylan playing with the water frogs.

Jenna coming down the big kid slide.

She sure loves these slides.

I love this picture. I kind of caught her off guard.

Here she is at Jonathan's party. Isn't this a cute dress?? Thanks Aunt Shel :)

Jenna looks shy here with Elmo, but she loved him. She kept giving him hugs and shaking his hand. She just kept looking down every time we wanted to take a picture.

Here I am with Jenna, Faith and Debby. We were playing Hot Potato - which Jenna tied with the birthday boy. Guess Jenna gets her competitive streak from her mommy!

21 August 2006

August Weekend

As always, we had a full weekend. Friday night we kicked the weekend off with Jennifer and Madison since Mark was out in Las Vegas for the weekend. We had a very nice dinner and the girls had a blast playing. It was almost like a PJ party with them hanging out in their PJ's. Saturday, Mike and I had some adult time in Atlantic City. And before anyone asks, we did not hit it big, but we did have a lot of fun together. Jenna spent the day and night with Grandma Gladys. She had a great time playing with Grandma, Abuela and Rudy. Sunday was just chores and hanging around the house. Monday really comes around way too quick.

Madison and Jenna playing.

Madison and Jenna hanging out with Mike watching a Disney movie.

Mike and I enjoying the beach bar in Atlantic City.

Jenna passed out from her weekend of fun with Grandma Gladys.

14 August 2006

Weekend full of showers

This weekend was full of showers and not the wet kind. Saturday was Michele's surprise bridal shower. She really looked surprised, so I hope she was. Jenna and I fooled her into thinking we were going for a girls only brunch, only to arrive at her shower. Jenna had a great time seeing everyone. She is very attached to her Aunt Shel and can't wait to be the flower girl for her wedding. Sunday was Jenn's surprise baby shower. I can't say she was surprised, really who wants to surprise a pregnant lady that is 8 months!!!! Jenn looks wonderful and we can't wait to meet the new little Hamarich. (It's going to be a boy) It was great to see everyone at the shower and Jenna had a lot of fun playing with Alex and Sammie!

Michele's bridal party: Chrissy, Elena, Michele, Jenna and me.

Jenna with Aunt Shel opening her gifts.

Jenna and Sammie taking a break from all that bouncing.

Jenn, Sammie, Jenna and I.

01 August 2006

Beach Weekend

I finally wore Mike down and we brought Jenna to the beach. We all know how much Mike hates the beach, but I absolutely love it and I won in the end. Now I have tipped the scales since Jenna loves the beach. She had so much fun playing in the sand and even venturing into the water. We just went local to Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. Madison, Jennifer and Mark joined us and Jenna had a great time playing with Madison. Looks like the makings of BFF. :)
We also got Jenna to sleep in her bed. Well it was only for her nap, but that is a big

Jenna sleeping in her bed finally!

Jenna and I playing in the water.

Jenna and Madison checking out the water.