14 August 2006

Weekend full of showers

This weekend was full of showers and not the wet kind. Saturday was Michele's surprise bridal shower. She really looked surprised, so I hope she was. Jenna and I fooled her into thinking we were going for a girls only brunch, only to arrive at her shower. Jenna had a great time seeing everyone. She is very attached to her Aunt Shel and can't wait to be the flower girl for her wedding. Sunday was Jenn's surprise baby shower. I can't say she was surprised, really who wants to surprise a pregnant lady that is 8 months!!!! Jenn looks wonderful and we can't wait to meet the new little Hamarich. (It's going to be a boy) It was great to see everyone at the shower and Jenna had a lot of fun playing with Alex and Sammie!

Michele's bridal party: Chrissy, Elena, Michele, Jenna and me.

Jenna with Aunt Shel opening her gifts.

Jenna and Sammie taking a break from all that bouncing.

Jenn, Sammie, Jenna and I.

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