29 May 2008

Meeting Great Nanny

Michael George finally got to meet Great Nanny on Monday. She was thrilled to meet the newest member of the Rivera Family.

Uncle Darren and Michael

Big sister Jenna

Great Nanny and Michael

28 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

First I want to say thank you to all the active military and our veterans for all they have done for our country. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't enjoy the freedom we do here in the US.
This year Memorial Day the weather was beautiful. We had a great long weekend. Jenna, Michael and I headed out to the park. Jenna had a great time on the swings and the slides. Michael slept the entire time. Monday we took the kids to see the Memorial Day Parade here in Bayridge. We met up with Jennifer, Mark and Madison. The girls had a great time watching the parade and waving their flags, while surprise, surprise, Michael slept!

Michael on his activity mat with big sister helping him out.

Michael wearing the onesie Grandma Gladys got him.

Sleeping at the Memorial Day parade.

Jenna and Madison waving their flags at the parade.

Asleep at the park.

My big girl swinging on the swings.

19 May 2008

St Anselms Fair

This past weekend we hit the St Anselm School Fair. They had rides, games and food. Jenna was very excited to meet up with Madison to ride the rides. Michael didn't know what he was missing since he slept the entire time.

Michael on our way over to the fair.

Jenna and Madison riding the cars.

Riding the Merry-go-Round with Mike.

Our daredevils sliding down head first.

Sliding the big slide.

Someone finally woke up!

13 May 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

We had a very nice Mother's Day Weekend. First Michael had his first bath. He screamed the entire time. His second bath was much more calmer. Michele, Rich, Luke and Mama/Papa Pace came for dinner Friday night to visit Michael. It was great to see them all especially Luke. He is getting so big. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the park with Jen, Mark and Madison. Jenna was very excited to play with her best friend, while Jen and Mark got some baby practice in before their bambino arrives in August. Mother's Day was a very relaxing day for me. We spent the afternoon downtown Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge. Both kids were asleep, so Mike and I had a very nice walk. We hope all moms had a great day!

Michael's first bath.

My clean kids - both in their pjs after their baths.

Look how big Luke is!

Some quiet time under the Brooklyn Bridge.

I never get tired seeing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Grandma Teresa Visits

My mom came to Brooklyn for a week to help me with Jenna and Michael. She was a huge help the entire week while I was still recovering. She loved spending time with Michael and playing with Jenna. I don't think she got much sleep, but I know she enjoyed her time with the kids.

Grandma with Jenna and Michael

Grandma and Michael

Sleeping again....

Finally some peace and quiet!

06 May 2008


We can't believe that Michael is a week old already! This past Saturday Uncle Jason and Aunt Kristin came to Brooklyn for a visit. Jenna was very happy to see them both and they both adored Michael. He was a good boy all day, sleeping right through their visit. Grandma Gladys came to Brooklyn Sunday for a visit, but all the pictures I took were with her camera. And of course I got a couple of cute shots of her with both Jenna and Michael. Grandma Teresa is here for the week to help and I'll post pictures by end of the week.

Daddy with his boy

Uncle Jason caught Jenna for a quick photo.

Uncle Jason, Aunt Kristin with Michael

04 May 2008

Big Sister Jenna

I finally got some pictures of Jenna with Michael. She is a complete mama's helper. She loves to watch Michael while he is sleeping, help feeding him his bottles and is quick to get the pacifier back in Michael's mouth when he spits it out. We have a hard time getting her out the door for school and when she comes home, she runs right for him.

Michael checking out his big sister.

One of the many kisses Jenna plants on him.

My big girl

Michael's take home outfit from the hospital.

What a sleeper!

That's our boy!