30 April 2008

Michael George Rivera April 26, 2008

So it's been a while since I've posted, but a lot has been going on. We had been counting the days until Baby Michael made his appearance. Most of you know it had been week after week of doctor appointments due to the fact that each sonogram showed Michael as a very large baby. Saturday April 26, I woke up thinking that I was having another doctor appointment at 1045am, but my water broke at 630am. We were excited but nervous at the same time. I called my doctor who told me to head over to the hospital for them to check me out. Grandma Gladys came to watch big sister Jenna and Mike and I headed over to the hospital. My water did indeed break and after a couple of sonograms in the hospital, my doctor and I decided to go with a c-section since the sonograms were showing Michael over 9lbs. At 122pm, Michael George was born at 9lbs, 4oz and 20.5 inches. He was definitely a big baby but very healthy.
Aunt Shel was Michael's first visitor that night. She said that Michael looked like he was a month old next to all the other babies in the nursery. Big sister Jenna was able to come for a quick visit Sunday and checked out her brother through the nursery window. She was counting the minutes to when both Mama and Baby Michael could come home. Michael also got a good round of visitors Sunday - Grandma Gladys, Uncle Darren, Titi Iliana, Jennifer, Mark, Madison and Andrew. Since I had a c-section, they made me and Michael stay at the hospital an extra day, so Monday we had more visitors - Aunt Shel, Uncle Richie, Luke, Linda and her mom. The hospital finally let us go home Tuesday April 29 and Jenna was so excited to have us home.
I'll post more pictures this weekend since I have none of Jenna and Michael yet. She loves to kiss him, but to catch that on camera is so hard.
Enjoy the pictures and thank you for all the well wishes!

A couple of hours after Michael was born.

Proud daddy with his son

Our newest additional to the family

Michael's first visitor - Aunt Shel

The Sere Family - Luke was very excited to see his new friend

Our big boy

Getting ready to go home

Finally going home to meet big sistet Jenna