26 October 2008

Gabriel's Birthday Party

Sunday was Gabriel's party at the museum. Below are some pictures from his party.

Birthday boy Gabriel.
Can you find Jenna? I think her neon name tag gives her away.

Jenna, Madison and Gabriel enjoying their pizza.

Jenna getting her tatoo.

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Jonathan's Birthday Party

Last weekend was the weekend of birthday parties and both birthday parties that Jenna attended was at the Staten Island Children's Museum. Here are pictures from Jonathan's party Saturday.

Jenna and the birthday boy.

Jenna playing the giant connect four.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

The girls playing in the boat.

Jenna driving the boat.

Halloween Pictures

Two weeks ago, Michele and I took the kids to Sears to get their pictures taken for Halloween. What an experience taking 3 kids at once! All 3 looked adorable in their costumes, now if we could have gotten them to all smile at the same time, that would have been a miracle. Here are some from our session.

08 October 2008

St Anselms Fair

Last weekend was the St Anselm Fair. Jenna was so excited to go and ride the rides. She was big enough to go on the Ferris Wheel with me and she went on the roller coaster with Madison. She loved them all. She probably could have stayed all night if we didn't run out of tickets. Poor Michael only got to watch from the sidelines. Next year Michael, next year.

Jenna and Madison on the tame LadyBug ride.
Michael looking bored.
Front car of the roller coaster with Madison.
View of the fair fromthe top of the Ferris Wheel.
Jenna and I on the Ferris Wheel. She was looking down at Grandma and Michael.