18 January 2007

Great-Nanny's Birthday

Saturday January 13 was Grandma Mary's birthday. We celebrated on Sunday with dinner and cake. Jenna had a great time with all and even showed some photography promise. She took a few pictures herself with my camera. Enjoy!

Jenna and Uncle Darren

As you can see, Jenna captured the "real" Uncle Darren

My Yankee Fan

Jenna and Titi Iliana

Jenna taking a picture of Grandma Gladys with Great Nanny in the background

Jenna and I relaxing

11 January 2007

Is it Spring?

Saturday the weather was amazing. I believe it actually hit 70 degrees! Hard to believe that it is January. But don't worry winter is back. It is freezing today! Saturday we took Jenna to the park to enjoy this great weather. She has such a great time. She was very happy to shed her heavy winter coat and just play.

She loved the slides at this park.

Playing at the playground.

Mike pushing Jenna on the swings.

Jenna and me on the slides.

My big girl!

04 January 2007

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! Here is to a great 2007! We spent New Years Eve with Madison, Jennifer and Mark. The girls had a blast playing and us adults had a great time eating and drinking. Jenna made a good try at staying up until midnight. I believe she fell out somewhere between 11/1130pm, while Madison was a trooper and stayed up until the ball dropped. These girls were all over the place, so these are the best 2 pictures I could get.
May everyone have a happy, healty New Year!

Hanging out in their PJs

Watching the tv very intently

03 January 2007

Christmas Day

Christmas Day finally arrived and Jenna was so excited that Santa left gifts under the tree for her. She had so much fun opening up her gifts. We had Christmas Day at our house this year. Everyone came over - Gladys, Darren and Iliana, Iliana's family and Mom and Jason. Even Murphy took the ride out to Brooklyn. We all had a great time spending the day together. We hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!
Jenna opening her gifts from Santa
Jenna and her dollhouse
Jenna and Titi Iliana enjoying her some tea
Jenna and her daddy

Knocked out!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was loads of fun. We celebrated at my mom's house with my Aunt Susan, Uncle Thomas, Tommy and Jimmy and those big boys - Ethan and Brandon. We had a great time and the kids had a blast playing with each other.

Mike with Jenna and Ethan

Jason, Murphy, Jenna and Mike

Jenna with Ethan and Brandon

Jenna waiting to open her gifts

Jenna and Jason with her new bike