25 September 2006

Wedding Weekend

Fall is finally here and with it came Linda's wedding. Linda and Rick were married Saturday, the first day of fall. I was honored to be chosen as one of Linda's bridesmaids. While Mike and I were partying at the wedding, Jenna got to spend time with Grandma, Jason and Murphy. She had a blast chasing Murphy around the house. I bet he was happy to see her go Saturday night. He probably slept all day Sunday. We returned back to Brooklyn and just hung around the neighborhood Sunday. We needed the rest since it had been a crazy few days preparing for the wedding.

Me and the bride

Mike and I with the newlyweds!

Jenna and Murphy

Jenna running off with my bouquet.

Jenna just found out Mike's feet are very ticklish.

Time to go back to school Monday.

15 September 2006

Cruise Weekend

As Michele's been saying - Back to Life, Back to Reality. Elena, Michele and I have returned from our cruise and we had a blast. I missed Mike and Jenna tremendously, but it was great to get away. It was a nice to get off the plane in NY and have them waiting for us at the airport. Unfortunately I had the camera all weekend, so I have no new pictures of Jenna, but lots from the cruise. Enjoy.

Relaxing in Key West

Time to leave Cozumel :(

Elena on the bungee trampoline

Jen on the bungee trampoline

Formal night

Our last dinner on the cruise - how sad.

06 September 2006

Holiday Weekend

We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Our weekend was very relaxing. Glad the weather turned out nice Sunday and Monday. Jenna started her weekend off with a sleepover with Faith. Mike and I babysat for Debby while she attended a wedding Friday night, Faith got to sleep over. Jenna and Faith had a blast and Jenna was even asking for Faith each morning she woke up. Saturday we had an "inside" BBQ since it poured all day. Jenna had fun with both her Grandmas, Abuela, Uncle Darren and some of our other friends. Sunday and Monday were days of rest for us all. Just doing little things around the house and taking Jenna out to the park to enjoy some
beautiful weather. And to make my long weekend longer, I took off Tuesday to spend some time with Jenna since I'll be off on my cruise Thursday!!!! Michele, Elena and I are off to sunny Florida to cruise over to Key West and Cozumel. We will be celebrating Michele's upcoming wedding. Can't wait to go, but I know I'll miss Mike and Jenna very much.

Jenna and Faith hanging out in their pjs.

Jenna playing with her Little People and Castle. She really loves her Little People.

Can you believe how big she is getting?

Mike and Jenna at the park. I think she is going to be tall like her daddy.

Don't you want to just kiss this face???