13 May 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

We had a very nice Mother's Day Weekend. First Michael had his first bath. He screamed the entire time. His second bath was much more calmer. Michele, Rich, Luke and Mama/Papa Pace came for dinner Friday night to visit Michael. It was great to see them all especially Luke. He is getting so big. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the park with Jen, Mark and Madison. Jenna was very excited to play with her best friend, while Jen and Mark got some baby practice in before their bambino arrives in August. Mother's Day was a very relaxing day for me. We spent the afternoon downtown Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge. Both kids were asleep, so Mike and I had a very nice walk. We hope all moms had a great day!

Michael's first bath.

My clean kids - both in their pjs after their baths.

Look how big Luke is!

Some quiet time under the Brooklyn Bridge.

I never get tired seeing the Brooklyn Bridge.

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