29 August 2006

Another rainy weekend

Another rainy weekend. I think the fall weather has started to set in. We started the weekend off with a visit to the park Friday night with Faith and Dylan. It was the only patch of clear weather all weekend. Saturday we attended a birthday party for one of the boys from Tutor Time. It was Jonathan's 2nd Birthday and he had the party at a great place called Little People Parties in Bayridge, Brooklyn. There were activities for the kids and even a special guest - Elmo! Jenna enjoyed the evening with all her Tutor Time Friends. Sunday, Jenna and Mike spent some time with Grandma Gladys, Abuela and Great Nanny while I ventured out in the rain to LI for Linda's bridal hair trial. I can't believe her wedding is in less than a month!! It feels like yesterday her and Rick got engaged!

Jenna, Faith and Dylan playing with the water frogs.

Jenna coming down the big kid slide.

She sure loves these slides.

I love this picture. I kind of caught her off guard.

Here she is at Jonathan's party. Isn't this a cute dress?? Thanks Aunt Shel :)

Jenna looks shy here with Elmo, but she loved him. She kept giving him hugs and shaking his hand. She just kept looking down every time we wanted to take a picture.

Here I am with Jenna, Faith and Debby. We were playing Hot Potato - which Jenna tied with the birthday boy. Guess Jenna gets her competitive streak from her mommy!

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