25 July 2007

Great Summer Weekend

What a great summer weekend. Weather was perfect! Much better than all the rain that we had been getting. July 17 was Madison's 3rd birthday and her birthday party was Saturday at the Prospect Park Zoo. Jenna has such a great time with her Tutor Time friends and also had a blast with all the animals. Sunday we decided to enjoy the good weather outside at Coney Island. Jenna and Madison had a grand time riding the rides. They both loved being on all the rides as you will see in the pictures below.

Happy 3rd Birthday Madison!

Jenna and Mike feeding the Llama.

I love this picture of Madison. She looked surprised that the goats were eating the food oof her plate.

Jenna and Mike in the barn

The Tutor Time crew making silly faces at Mike.

Riding the carousel at Prospect Park.

Train ride at Coney Island.

Riding the airplane ride at Coney Island.

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