25 July 2006

Relaxing Weekend

So nice to finally have a relaxing weekend. Nothing to do, just hanging around at home. Jenna had a sleepover at Grandma Gladys' house and had a great visit with Abuela. She is up visiting from Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks. Of course Jenna also loved visiting Rudy, Grandma's dog. I bet Rudy was happy to see Jenna go on Sunday...
With Jenna having her sleepover, Mike and I were able to go and see Andrew's girlfriend - Natalie Joy Johnson perform Saturday night. She is AMAZING!!! If anyone here in the NYC area wants to see her, she has another show Monday July 31 at 8pm. Definitely worth going to see. Contact me for details if anyone is interested.

Here are some pictures from her visit at Grandmas.

Rudy taking a rest from Jenna.

Jenna very excited to get her picture taken.

Can you believe how tall she has gotten???

Playing at the park by Grandma's house.

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Melissa said...

Sounds nice to have a nice relaxing weekend. Great pictures! BTW, I passed my test. ;)