03 July 2006


Ok, so we have been saying this for the past year and a half, but it is finally done. We got Jenna's ears pierced on Saturday morning. Jenna was a trooper. She cried like she normally does when we visit Dr. Jebran and only a yelp when he actually pierced each ear. We had a packed weekend, as usual per Mike. We met up with Michele and Richie for dinner Saturday night and we had Linda's surprise bridal shower Sunday. I don't have many pictures since my camera up and died. Mike says it's because I take too many pictures....

Here is the princess sleeping. You can see her little earrings.

We got Jenna a little table and chairs. Here she is helping me put the chairs together.

Here is another shot of her earrings.

Here we are enjoying Linda's Bridal Shower.

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Melissa said...

Her little earrings are so cute. Hanna wanted to get hers done for her birthday, and then changed her mind. She's getting so big.