10 July 2006

Is it Monday already???

These weekends go way too fast!!! Jenna and I headed out to Long Island to visit Grandma, Uncle Jason and new family member Murphy. Jenna got in some playtime with Murphy before we headed over to spend the afternoon with our friend Sue. Sunday was a lazy day since it was so hot. We had Jenna in her little pool to cool off. I even let her do some painting. But I think she painted herself more than the paper. And finally a first - Jenna took her nap in her own bed!!!

Here is the newest member of the Haag Family - Murphy! Jason just got little Murphy about 2 weeks ago. He is a Maltese and only weighs about 2 pounds.

Hey Uncle Jason, I know how to let Murphy out of his cage....

Don't let my mom fool you - she is in love with Murphy. For someone that was so against getting a dog, we can see how spoiled he is going to be.

Here's Jenna cooling off Sunday in her little pool.

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Melissa said...

AAAWWWW! Your brother's new pup is adorable! Jenna looks like she really had a great time with it. She also looks like she has a lot of fun in her little pool too.