25 February 2009

Visiting the Sere Family

The Rivera Family headed over to Staten Island for dinner and Christmas present exchange (I know it's late) one evening. Jenna had a blast playing with Luke and playing with all his toys. Michael was excited to get down and crawl around and pull up on whatever he could get to. It was a fun night with the kids, great pizza and delicious cupcakes :)

Jenna and Luke amazed at something.

Can you believe how big he is? He is going to be 2 March 14. Where did the time go???

Rich relaxing with Luke and Michael.

Michael on his bull from the Sere Crew. He loves it!

Michele, Michael and I.

Jenna and Luke.

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Michele said...

I love the photos! Thanks for including us on your blog, Bennie!
XOXO, Mishie