04 February 2009

Catholic School Week 2009

January 25 kicked off the annual Catholic Schools Week. St Anselm started their week off with the Talent Show Breakfast that Sunday after mass. The week was filled with different activities including open house for the parents, Gym days, parent and student apprecation days too. We took the kids to the Talent Show Breakfast and Mike and Michael were able to attend Gym day. Jenna did so well at Gym day - running relays and kicking the soccer ball. She was so excited to have Mike and Michael there to watch her. Her teacher also had the class do a project all about me. It was to include her favorite people and things. We printed out pictures of her family and friends and searched the internet for her favorite things. I helped her with the glue, but she put the pictures on the poster board where she wanted. She was so proud of her project and was so excited to bring it to school to show her teacher and her classmates. We are so proud of her for doing such a great job.

Jenna with her project.

Jenna, Madison, Jonathan, Jen and Colin at the Talent Show.

Mike and Michael at the Talent Show.

Jenna running the relay at Gym Day.

Getting ready to kick the soccer ball.

Jenna and her class with her Gym Teacher.

The two hams with Michael.

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