07 July 2008

Random Summer Pictures

Being home during the summer is a lot of fun. I've been out and about with both kids. We have been having a great time. I took Michael on his first subway ride. We rode into the city, surprised Grandma Gladys at work, then headed over to my job for a visit. After our visit, we walked to Bryant Park for a spin on the carousel. We have also hit a few parks in the last week. Jenna enjoyed the sprinklers and playing at the playground. Can't believe it is July already!!

Jenna checking out the sprinklers with Mike.

Beautiful sunset over 79th Street Park. Senator Marty Golden holds concerts at parks in Brooklyn and this night was a tribute to Billy Joel.

This is the first time I put Michael in the high chair. I thought he might like it since he loves to eat and I was right - look at that face!

Jenna riding the carousel in Bryant Park.

Sitting in front of a fountain in the city.


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