14 July 2008

Day with Aunt Shel and Luke

Last Friday Jenna, Michael and I treked over the bridge into Staten Island to visit with Michele and Luke. We took the kids over to the Staten Island carousel. Jenna and Luke loved it and I even took Michael on too. He loved going around and around and the second time we went on it, he fell asleep! After playing around at the park and checking out the ducks in the pond, we headed to the Sere house for some fun in the sprinklers. Richie came home and I think he was sorry he did. Jenna and Luke got him good with the Fire Fighter hose on the sprinkler. Michael and Jenna were tuckered out and asleep before getting on the bridge back to Brooklyn.

Michele and Luke on the carousel.

Luke on the slide.

Look who is walking!!

Michael on his first carousel ride.

Jenna loving the carousel.

Luke and Jenna spraying Richie with the hose.

Playing around in the sprinkler.


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