03 June 2007

Fun weekend

To celebrate our last weekend before our trip, Saturday we headed out to the Staten Island Zoo and Sunday enjoyed the St Anslem's Fair. The zoo was celebrating Italian Heritage this weekend, so Jenna and I met up with Michele, Rich & Luke. Jenna enjoyed herself throughout the entire zoo while Luke slept. He did manage to wake up before we were leaving for some photo shots with a few animals.
St Anslem's School celebrated it's 80th Anniversary this weekend with a festival. We met up with Jennifer, Mark & Madison and Grandma Gladys took the subway to Brooklyn to hang out too. The girls were very excited about riding the rides, while Jen and I took our chances playing bingo.
It was a great weekend to segway into our vacation. Have a wonderful 2 weeks. Will post when we return.
Jenna petting the goats.
Jenna and Luke - she is wondering how he got out of his stroller....

Jenna enjoying the Italian scenery

Look at that smile!!!!!!

Jenna and Madison taking a turn on the horses

Jenna and Madison on the spinning slimer - too bad they couldn't figure out how to spin it.

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