31 May 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day to all. We had a great weekend and we hope everyone did too. Thank you to all our Veterans and Active Military. Without their dedication and sacrifice, we wouldn't have the freedom we enjoy.
We started the weekend off great with a trip to the park. Jenna was very excited that they turned on the water. She had a great time running through the sprinklers. Saturday Jenna and I took the train into the city to see our friends Sue and Maureen. Lucky for us, Jenna slept the entire time so we were able to catch up. Once Jenna did awake, I took her to Union Square and we played at the park. The weather was great. Sunday we had a BBQ at our house - we had a nice crowd - Jenna had a great time seeing everyone. We celebrated Memorial Day by watching the Bayridge parade. It is the oldest, consecutive parade in the US.

My diva.

Running through the water at the park.

My mommy-in-training

Sliding at the Union Square park

Katie hanging out with the big girls

Watching the parade

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