04 December 2006

Here comes the cold!

After a nice warm spell, the cold has finally arrived. It is hard switching from our light jackets to our heavy coats with hats and gloves. Now that the cold weather is here, it finally feels like the holidays. Our weekend was jam packed, back to the norm for us. Saturday night I held a Gift Basket Party with Gladys. It was a great success and it was a lot of fun. Sunday, Matthew Sean Hamarich was Christened. I finally got to see him and hold him! He is so cute and so small. Hard to believe Jenna was ever that small. Jenna had a lot of fun playing with Alex, Sammie, Shea and Taylor. It was also great to see Jenn and Scott. Congratulations Matthew!

My girl.

Jenna, Sammie, Shea and Taylor

Jenna was great around Matthew. He slept the entire time.

Jenna playing with Murphy

I love her face in this picture. She was mad/upset that Murphy left her.

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