11 December 2006

Meeting Santa Claus

Another fun filled weekend. Saturday we took Jenna to see Santa Claus at Victory Hospital. We met up with Madison, Jennifer and Mark. Jenna loved Santa. She actually sat in his lap and kept going over to him when he was not busy with the others kids. This was definitely a better reaction than last year. Madison wasn't as trusting as Jenna. She liked to look at Santa from a distance. Afterwards we headed over to Zach's 2nd Birthday party. We had a great time celebrating Zach's birthday. All of Jenna's friends from Tutor Time were there. She was so tired from playing with everyone that she fell asleep at 7pm! Sunday Jenna and I headed out to Staten Island to shop and we visited with Michele and Richie. Jenna enjoyed seeing her Aunt Shel, Richie and Kyle. Only 3 1/2 months until Baby Boy Sere arrives - yeah!

Jenna, Madison, Jennifer and I at Victory Hospital

Jenna warming up to Santa

We really couldn't believe she actually sat on Santa's lap!

The BFF's at Zach's party

Time for the cake

I bet I can figure this game out

Happy 2nd Birthday Zach!

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