28 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great holiday and wonderful long weekend. It was great to have off 4 days in a row. Gladys hosted Thanksgiving at her house. Jenna had a great time playing with her cousins Brandon and Amanda. It was a very relaxing day and everyone definitely ate way too much! Friday Mom, Jenna and I hit the stores early with all the other crazy shoppers. The weather was so warm - hard to believe it was the end of November. Saturday we celebrated Kaitlyn's first birthday. It feels like yesterday she was just born - Happy Birthday Kaitlyn. Finally Sunday was our day of rest. Jenna helped me put up our Christmas decorations. She is too cute since she now knows who Santa Claus is. Let's see if we can get her to sit with him for a picture. Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner.

Jenna and Amanda

Jenna, Mike, Darren and Great-Nanny

Jenna having fun at the mall

Isn't he getting big???

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!

Jenna and Kaitlyn playing at the party

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