20 November 2006

The weekend before Thanksgiving

We haven't posted in a while since we have had absolutely nothing to do! It is a first that we have gone 3 weekends without having to go anywhere. Saturday night Michele and Chrissy came over for some girl time. Jenna had a blast visiting with them both. It was a totaly guy-free evening while we caught up. Sunday was a day to relax since we had planned. Jenna and I went to the park to get in some last minute play time since the weather has just turned cold. Hard to believe that this week is Thanksgiving. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

This was taken right after her bath.

This swing mama!

Look at me, I'm driving the boat.

Getting ready to come down the slide.

Playing with her dolls.

Sitting in the Rocking Chair that Aunt Susan made for her. You can see her bed right behind her. She is finally sleeping in her bed at night! Too bad it isn't all night, but I'll take whatever I can get.

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