15 June 2009

London May 2009

So some of you know that I was lucky enough to cross the pond and visit London. I've never been there before, so this was such a special trip for me. I absolutely loved London. The city and the people were amazing. This is a city I could definitely see myself living in. The city was just flowing with history. Of course I was there on work, so we were required to do hotel visit, but we still had so much free time to see many sights. We rode the "tube", minded the gap as they say over there and rode in their famous red double decker buses and black cabs. We went to Kensingto Palace where Diana lived and it's amazing that people actually lived there! We toured the Tower of London, saw the Crowne Jewels and where they tortured the prisoners. Went past Buckingham Palace, saw the guards, but not the changing of them. It was still amazing to see them in person. We visited Picadilly Circus, shopped at Harrods, took a ride up the Thames River. Finally saw Big Ben, Parliment which was neat since I saw that line from the movie Vacation all the time. Saw St Paul's Cathedral where Diana and Charles were married. And the most amazing site I saw was Westminster Abby. The history in the Abby is just amazing. All those kings and queens buried there. Below are a couple of pictures. Anyone that wants to see more, just email me for the link to my winkflash pictures.

St Pauls Cathedral

Big Ben/Parliment

Tower Bridge

Me enjoying lunch on our rooftop bar. Our 2nd hotel was right in Trafalgar Square. And yes there was not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather!

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Famous double decker bus

View from our 1st hotel room on Park Lane.

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