03 December 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone had a great weekend eating, drinking and just hanging out with familyn and friends. Darren and Iliana hosted Thanksgiving and we had a great time catching up with everyone. Abuela made her way to New York from Puerto Rico and we are very excited that we were able to spend the holiday with her. Friday Jenna and I made our shopping trek with Mom to NJ and Staten Island. Jenna was a very good sport since we started at 8am and didn't come home until 6pm. Jason and Kristin headed out to Brooklyn on Saturday so we could celebrate Thanksgiving. Even Murphy took the trip. Sunday we headed out to Allison and Spencer's new home to celebrate Katie's 2nd Birthday. It's hard to believe she's 2!
Enjoy the pictures below.

Me and my girl.

Mike squishing Grandma Mary and Abuela's laps.

Jenna and Titi Iliana

Jenna driving the bus at the Jersey Gardens Mall

Jenna at Katie's Birthday Party

Jenna with her Backyardigans mask doing the scavenger hunt.

This was the only picture I have of Katie by herself. It's hard to catch a 2 year old standing still!
Happy 2nd Birthday Katie!!!!!!

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