24 December 2007

Spending the day at Jen's Work

Friday December 21, my office held a Christmas Party for all the kids. Jenna spent the entire day with me at work and was such a good girl. Afterwards we walked around the city checking out the tree and skaters, St. Patricks Cathedral and the Disney Store for a suprise. Jenna was such a trooper walking around the city. She thought it was worth it when we got to the Disney Store for her suprise. The Disney Store in the city had Santa Goofy and Reindeer Pluto available for meet and greet and pictures. She was so excited to see them both and she gave lots of hugs and kisses.
We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Jenna playing with Christopher at the KBW Christmas Party.

Rockefeller Center Skating Rink

Jenna and I in front of the tree

They really got a beautiful tree this year.

Jenna and Goofy

Jenna, Goofy and me

Jenna had such a great time with the characters, that we went back on Sunday for more pictures.

This time Mike got in the picture.

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