07 November 2007

NYC Marathon

I can't believe it is November!!!! Jenna and I braved the hurricane warning (it turned out to be a lot of rain and the wind) Jenna hung out with Grandma, Uncle Jason, Kristin and of course Murphy. We took Jenna to the mall and Santa was already there!!! They are really pushing Christmas on us this year. They had a Santa train that Jenna loved. She would have rode that all day if she could have.
Sunday the NYC Marathon came running through NY this weekend. The weather was perfect for running and for those of us watching from the sidelines. It is always exciting to see them run by. We watched them run by with Jen, Mark and Madison. The girls had a great time cheering the runners.

Jenna riding the Santa train.

Someone was very excited!

NYC Marathon - look at them go

Best Friend hugs

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