01 November 2007

Halloween 2007

Happy Halloween! Jenna had a very full day between school and trick-or-treating. She started out as a cheerleader for school. Her teacher threw them a party and all the kids got many treats. We headed home so Jenna could change into her Tinkerbelle costume for trick-or-treating. She had a blast this year since she has finally grasped the concept of going to people's houses and if you say trick-or-treat, they give your candy. The weather was great and we really had a lot of fun. Madison and Jennifer came along for the ride and the girls looked so cute together. Enjoy the pictures.

The little cheerleader doing a cheer to get ready for school.

BFF's trick or treating

Someone's very happy to get lots of candy.

The fairies heading into a store for more candy.

Our little Tinkerbelle ringing the bell for candy.

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