30 October 2006

The Wedding!

Friday October 27 - Michele and Richie's wedding finally arrived. All went well. Bride looked beautiful and the groom looked very handsome. My fears of Jenna not walking down the aisle did not come true. She was a trooper holding my hand both up and down the aisle. She was so good the entire night until she fell asleep around 1030pm. She really enjoyed herself as did everyone else. It was a great time Friday night and we all needed Saturday to recover! Sunday Jenna and I spent the afternoon with Madison, Jennifer and Mark at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They were celebrating Halloween by having children dress up in their costumes. I dressed Jenna as Cinderella and Madison was Elmo. You can imagine how excited Jenna was to have her best friend as Elmo.

Jenna and I walking down the aisle. Still can't believe she walked down!

Jenna and I before the ceremony.

Jenna and Grandma smelling my flowers.

Me and my handsome husband.

Jenna and Chrissy dancing the night away.

Michele and her very good looking bridesmaids!

Jenna and her daddy.

The happy couple. Congratulations Michele and Rich!

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