17 October 2006

Dogsitting Weekend

Mike, Jenna and I got to dogsit Murphy for the weekend, while Mom and Jason were out of town. What an experience taking care of a puppy and a 2 year old. Both Murphy and Jenna kept me on my toes. Saturday was the last dress fitting for Michele's wedding. Hard to believe it will be here in less than 2 weeks! Sunday Jenna and I came back into Brooklyn to celebrate her friend Faith's 2nd Birthday. We had such a great time seeing all of Jenna's Tutor Time friends. That evening we took a ride over to Uncle Thomas and Aunt Susan's house to visit with Brandon and Ethan. They just turned 2 on October 6. Jenna had a great time playing with them. Since I was off Monday I took Jenna to a cute little park in Patchogue off the water. We had a great time playing at the playground and the weather was perfect.

Happy 2nd Birthday Faith!

Jenna and Madison - BFF's

Tommy with Brandon and Ethan

Me and my girl :)

Jenna and Murphy

Playing at the park

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