22 February 2011

So much to say!

There is just so much that has happened from the fall until now. I'm not even going to try and backtrack! I'll post some pictures below of the kids on what they have been doing.
Christmas was a lot of fun - the kids had a great time and we celebrated with our families. Jenna enjoyed having Christmas break off from school, but was excited when it was time to head back. We were clobbered a few times with big snow storms. It's a good thing the Groundhog says Spring is coming soon - I'm sick of the snow!
Jenna has been busy with school, dancing and birthday parties. Michael has been moved to the 3 year old room and is enjoying playing with the big kids. Both are getting so big!!
Enjoy the pictures below and I will try and keep the blog updated more frequent!

Christmas Morning

The kids excited that Santa came!

Our nephew Ryan's first Christmas

The big snowstorm after Christmas

The big snowstorm after Christmas

Jenna ice skating at the Rinx.

Mike and the kids at the Toys R Us store in Times Square

We rode the ferris wheel in Times Square - and to Michael's delight, we got the firetruck!

A day at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

Meet the newest member of our family - Drake Michael Sere born January 9 :)

Jenna and her boys

Supberbowl Sunday 2011 - Mike and Michael representing the Jets

Superbowl Sunday 2011 - Me and Jenna representing the Dolphins

Mike and Jenna getting ready for the Father/Daughter Dance

Enjoying a night together at the Father/Daughter Dance

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Melissa said...

The pictures are awesome!!! So glad you updated.