09 August 2010

Dance Recital Time

June brings us summer, end of school, a bunch of birthdays and of course the famous dance recitals! This was Jenna's first year of dance and I have to say she loved it! She took combo for her first year - tap and ballet. We were a little nervous for the actual recital - we thought she would get stage fright or a case of the nerves, but did she prove us wrong!

Her first dress rehersal went great. She came out danced her heart out and exited the stage with a huge smile and waving. The only crying we heard that day was from Michael when his "JaJa" left the stage. He apparently thought she wasn't coming back ever.

The day of her recital, I could tell she was excited and a bit nervous. Recital day is a bit more hectic than dress rehersal and of course there are many more in the audience. Grandma Gladys, Aunt Susan, Uncle Thomas, Mike and I sat proudly in the theatre waiting for our girl to come out and shake her stuff. She strutted her stuff out on the stage to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", did great and again exited the stage with a huge smile and big waves. We are so proud of her. Watching my girl up on that stage brings back many memories of me up on that stage.

And with those memories brought my recital. It's been 16 years since I've been on a stage. I had a great time and rocked out both shows in a tap trio number. Jenna was excited to see Mama up on a stage just like her tapping away. What a great recital month - looking forward to next year!

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