25 April 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was very exciting. Jenna was very into the Easter Egg hunt and even got Michael into it. I don't think he really understood what was going on, but he enjoyed finding the eggs. Of course both were excited to see what the Easter Bunny left them. These two definitely take after me, because they were all over their chocolate! After a relaxing morning, we heading into the city to celebrate Easter with the Rivera side of the family. The kids had a blast as always at Grandma Gladys' House and it was a nice afternoon.

Below are some pictures of the kids during their egg hunt. The family picture below was taken by my budding photographer. I think Jenna has a pretty good eye and maybe a calling. And the last picture is Grandma Teresa and Jenna at the end of the day when we returned home. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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