15 March 2010

A little bragging about my big girl

Kindergarten just celebrated their 100 days of school about 2 weeks ago. My big girl celebrated by making a huge poster of 10 butterflies with 10 spots on each butterfly. We are so proud of our big girl because she has been doing so well this year!! She has just been made Bus Rider of the Month again - 3 times so far this year and was the Star Student last week. Jenna really loves school and it shows. She has been getting 100's on her spelling test week after week and has not missed a day of school so far. My little Star Student is the apple of our eyes!!

And to top it all off, our big girl is losing her first tooth!! A bottom tooth has moved over and started to get wiggly. We can now see the new tooth behind it, so it should be any day now that the tooth fairy comes for a visit!

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Momma Lioness Michele said...

SOOO CUTE!! I love that she loves school! You have every reason to brag, proud Momma! xoxo