25 March 2008


Hard to believe it is Easter time again. Jenna has been on Easter Vacation since Thursday and will not return to school until Monday, March 31. Since she was off from school, I decided to bring her in to work with me on Thursday. She had loads of fun hanging out with me all day. We then decided to go see Grandma Gladys and Mike at their offices. Too bad she was asleep the entire visit for both Gladys and Mike. I must have worked her too hard at my job. At 5pm when we left Mike's office she woke up and demanded to go to the large park by his job. I think she is finally catching Spring Fever and wants to be outdoors!
Friday we headed into Staten Island to the Children's Museum with Jen and Madison. It is so nice to go to a museum where the girls can actually touch things. They had a blast playing and checking out the different exhibits. We even got them to take a baking class.
Saturday, the weather finally turned warm and we participated in the Bayridge Easter Egg Hunt. The girls had a lot of fun gathering up their eggs and receiving their Easter prize. Afterwards they hung out at the park enjoying the nice weather.
Easter Sunday, Jenna woke up to her Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny. She was so excited that he left her something. We went to church and then over to Grandma Gladys' house for Easter Dinner. We had a great time seeing everyone.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Jenna playing at the park by Mike's job.

Radio DJ's in training.

Playing on the Fire Truck at the museum.

I wonder who she is calling?

Making her apple pocket in the baking class.

Gathering up her Easter Eggs at the hunt.

Playing at Grandma's house.


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